Forestry Chains 

TPC Tyre Protection Chains meets the demands of working in tough logging environments in a variety of ways. They significantly increase traction, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The forestry chains protect the sides and treads of expensive tyres against stones and branches. Over the years, TPC Tyre Protection Chains has grown to be a market leader in Forestry chains. TPC Tyre Protection Chains are known for long lifetime, easy mounting and good tire fit.
Forestry chains are a robust, easy to transport, quick to fit means of gaining additional traction. The Correct fit of forestry chain to a tyre is important to obtain maximum benefit and avoid damage to the tyre through slippage. Forestry Chains are usually sold in pairs and often must be purchased to match a particular tire size, although some designs can be adjusted to fit various sizes of a tire.

Our forestry chains can be fitted on a tyre with a remaining life of 40%.

Why use Forestry Chains?

Forestry chains are often some of the best tools for those who need to drive in poor conditions. While there are plenty of different reasons to use forestry chains, these are some of the major reasons why you should be using forestry chains.
-  Increased ability to work on slopes coupled with increased safety.
-    Increased traction.
-    Increased flotation.
-    Prevent tyre wear and damage.
-    Increased manoeuvrability of the machine due to traction gain.
-    Reduced downtime as the machine will become bogged less often
-    Appropriate matching of traction aid to a site can increase the efficiency of movement and save fuel consumption.
-    Allow a single machine to operate over a wider range of operating conditions.

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