Services offered by TPC Tyre Protection Chains

• Selling of new tyre protection chains and center replacements

• Repair and servicing of chains (24/7 standby services with onsite vehicles and technicians)

Product Information

• Our TPC Giant X20 Link is our flagship link for hot slag applications. More than 50% of the link is for wear, this ensures a longer lifespan on the chain, as well as lower running cost.

• The TPC X18 link is ideal for smaller loaders and coal mines, diamond mines, lime and underground application.

• We can use your old tyre protection chain and manufacture a center replacement chain, saving you around 15 – 20% on cost per chain.

• All our chains are designed to improve traction, providing faster loading time, decreasing running costs and extending the tyre's life.

• Our tyre protection chains can be fitted on a tyre with remaining life of 40%.

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